Ellen D. Home is carefully balanced between elegance and playfulness, as our intention is to suite every lifestyle and home. We want our candles and home essentials to have a place in every household.

We believe that handcrafted items are made with much more love and carefulness than from factory made ones. Most importantly that our costumers do not have to worry about our products being toxic - as we use non-toxic beeswax and eco-friendly materials.

Our products are created and sent from Gothenburg, Sweden.

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Meet our CEO

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Ellen Delin

Ellen is a 21 year old creative soul from Gothenburg, Sweden. Interior, style and design has always been a passion and her creative soul needed something to do during covid-pandemic 2021 - Ellen D. Home was born!

Her love for hand-poured candles grew stronger and it became a hobby she never knew she would love.

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