Up in the sky

Up in the sky

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This candle is a part of our "No Waste collection", which means that is has some imperfections or are not are we expected. This candle is in the wrong color. 


Up in the sky Candle is a handmade candle, made with care and love. Because it's a handmade piece, every candle is unique. Please note - some color changes and shortcomings may occur. However, we can still guarantee the highest standard.


Although the Up in the sky Candle is a candle that can be burned, we also recommend that you use it for decorative purposes. While burning Up in the sky, we suggest that you place the candle on a safe surface away from furniture or possibly flammable objects.

  • Candle care

    1. Always safety first! Keep away from flammable items and never leave the candle unattended. Keep a distance of 10mm between the candles. 


    2. Let it melt carefully. Always allow the melted wax to reach the edge of the container especially on your first burn to avoid tunnelling. 


    3. Snuff it out - do not blow. Do not blow out your candles, the safest way to extinguish your candle is to use candle snuffer. If you do blow put the candle, please make sure to blow carefully. 

  • Shipping

    YES, we ship our handmade beauties worldwide! <3



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    When will my package arrive?


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